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Plagiarism Remover

Plagiarism Checker is a plagiarism detector and remover tool. Our best free plagiarism checker analyses text using AI deep check to find duplicate content from your text. Our high-level search algorithm recognizes plagiarized content and provides you with necessary recommendations to guide you on how to avoid plagiarism. We will precisely modify your content as per your specific topic to avoid plagiarism.

No. 1 Plagiarism Checker & Remover Tool

PLText developed the world’s first plagiarism checker and remover tool. We detect plagiarism by scanning and comparing your text with millions of web pages and academic resources from the internet. We provide solutions for plagiarism content with our smart, intelligent paraphrase software to avoid plagiarism. Online you have much software that detects plagiarism but does not have a mechanism to remove it.

  • 100% plagiarism-free content.
  • Deep search and color grading feedback
  • High-speed plag recognition.
  • AI plagiarism remover mechanism.
  • Unlimited edits.
  • Support multiple language plag check.
  • Complete Scan report.
  • Unlimited paraphrasing allowed.
  • Trusted by millions of students, teachers, and webmasters.

We build the world's first plagiarism detection & remover tool for students, teachers, and webmasters. Plagiarism checker will detect plagiarism when 40% of your content phrases, sentences, & words match other sources on the internet. We have an AI-based paraphrasing tool that paraphrases your text to avoid plagiarism. The content modification must be unique and based on your topic to get well-structured content.

Frequently Asked Questions

As per the Merriam-Webster dictionary, if anyone uses someone else’s intellectual-property (words or ideas) without the author’s permission, then it is plagiarism. It is a punishable offense under copyright law.
Plagiarism is a grave issue for students and authors. Because of the tremendous improvements on the internet, it’s very easy to identify copied content. If we plagiarize an assignment or research paper, then it affects the academic career. One way to avoid this is through the use of paraphrasing.

Here we have a complete solution for how to avoid plagiarism. We developed an IA-based plagiarism checker and remover tool. It helps you identify the percentage of copied content from the original resource. We used an advanced deep search mechanism to identify plagiarized content from the internet and to identify the source of plagiarism. We have a built-in artificial intelligence paraphrase tool, which helps you to rewrite your thesis paper’s sentences and paragraphs based on your topic. Use direct quotes, especially if you are using someone else’s work as a reference.
PLtext is the world’s first plagiarism checker and remover tool. Our high-level search algorithm helps you identify resources that have copied the content. Once you enter your content, it scans your data and starts comparing it with top results from Google’s Bing search results. If 25% of your content (phrases, sentences) matches, then it is plagiarized content, and they grade it as red. How to avoid plagiarism? We have a brilliant solution that no one else has on the internet. We have a pre-built smart AI paraphrasing tool. It enables you to rewrite your copied content precisely to avoid plagiarism with a single click.